How to open a Dutch bank account for non-residents

Among many other advantages of establishing a company in Holland, one factor which really eases the process is that it is possible to open a Dutch bank account for non-residents. This is not the case in every country, in fact it seems to be the case in very few. Having a bank account in the Netherlands is required for starting certain types of business in the Netherlands, so this ability to open a Dutch bank account for non-residents really is crucial to having a business based in Holland as a foreigner. This allows you to take advantage of:

  • The low taxation rates on offer in the Netherlands;
  • The highly-skilled Dutch workforce;
  • The relationship that the Netherlands has with important international economies.

It is also a great advantage to the Dutch banks to allow accounts for non-residents, giving them access to cash from overseas, often in the form of large investments and multinational companies, so they try to make the process as easy as they reasonably can. In most cases, however, it is not possible to open a Dutch bank account as a non-resident online, which is a shame when you are not living in the Netherlands and are not able to go to a bank office to receive and submit the paperwork. There are few forms to complete, and in general there is little capital required to open the Dutch bank account for non-residents.

How to make it easier to open a Dutch bank account as non-residents

While opening a Dutch bank account for non-residents is much easier than in many other countries, it is still time-consuming due to having to get hold of the right paperwork, particularly if anything is incorrectly submitted the first time around. The time that gets committed to the process is often much better used for running a business, preparing other parts of starting a company in the Netherlands, or making use of free time, relaxing with the family or playing a few rounds of golf. Fortunately there are experts available to help with the whole process of opening a Dutch bank account for non-residents. One of the most efficient is an Amsterdam based company called Intercompany Solutions. They provide the service, along with any other help required for starting a business in the Netherlands, through agents with plenty of experience. That means that they are able to complete the process far quicker than an individual is likely to do on their own, and with far less fuss, which saves you time and money in the long-run. That makes investing in the help that Intercompany Solutions provides an easy decision. They provide plenty of information about their services on the well-maintained, and it is highly recommended to contact them directly to find out exactly how they can help you.

What you can do once the account is opened

With a Dutch bank account, non-residents can use a majority of the same services offered to residents of the Netherlands. That includes free and efficient bank transfers between Dutch banks, and excellent service between all European Union member states. This eases entry into the lucrative Dutch marketplace. The other main reason to open an account in the Netherlands is that this allows the formation of a BV, the Dutch equivalent of a limited liability company, or an NV, which is comparable to a PLC in Great Britain. A bank account in the Netherlands is a basic requirement for starting either of these types of company, which each offer significant advantages.