Import motorcycles

Looking to import motorcycles for your customers? Wholesalers can import motorcycles via Double R Trading. We have an extensive assortment of import motorcycles, from a lot of different brands. Examples of brands we sell import motorcycles from are:

  • Aprilia
  • Ducati
  • Kawasaki
  • BMW
  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki

Please have a look at our website to discover all the import motorcycle brands we sell: We will now discuss the other advantages, next to our extensive assortment, of ordering your import motorcycles and other products from Double R Trading. After that we will give you our contact details so that you can contact us should you have any questions after reading the website.

Import motorcycles from Double R Trading

Next to our varied assortment, there are other advantages in buying your import motorcycles from Double R Trading. Examples of these advantages are listed below.

  • We have a lot of experience in and knowledge about the international import motorcycle trade.
  • Our import motorcycles and other products are of high quality and all parts are original.
  • We are based on a central location in the Netherlands.
  • We deliver internationally.
  • We do not only sell import motorcycles and motor-cycle related goods, but other products as well.
  • Whatever quantity of product you order, we will deliver it.

We will now describe these advantages a bit more elaborate. Firstly, we have been in the motorcycle trade for 17 years and we are working in more than 25 countries. Therefore we have a lot of knowledge about motorcycles and motorcycle-related products, but also about the international motorcycle trade. Furthermore, it also enables us to continue to learn about motorcycles and the trade in different countries. With this knowledge we are able to measure and assess the quality of motorcycles and related items, which in turn enables us to offer you and your customers the best possible quality. Thus, if you import motorcycles from Double R Trading, you can be assured they are of high quality. Also, we only sell original parts. This means that if you need a particular part for, for example, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, we will sell you a part that was made for a Harley Davidson initially, as opposed to a part that is perhaps cheaper but of lesser quality. These cheaper parts mostly are not of sufficient quality resulting in your customer’s motorcycle breaking down quickly and, in the worst case scenario, ending up more damaged than it was in the first place. Therefore, we only sell original parts so we can guarantee they are of good quality so that your customers’ motorcycles stay safe and trustworthy. As mentioned, our office is based on a central location in the Netherlands, in the city of Gorinchem. This city is close to the major harbours of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, so that your import motorcycles or other products can be on their way to you on a ship very quickly. The office is also close to the motorways in Belgium and Germany, so that the products you ordered can be easily delivered via the road as well. This central location enables us to deliver our goods all over the world. As mentioned, we deliver our import motorcycles and our other products to more than 25 countries. Next to import motorcycles and motorcycle-related goods, we have other products on offer. Double R Trading for example sells quads as well. Quads are used for entertainment purposes, but farmers for example use them to cross their land for maintenance work. Also, we for example sell several outboard engines too. Take a look at our website for all the products in our assortment. The last example of an advantage from ordering import motorcycles and motorcycle parts from Double R Trading is we deliver any quantity. Whether you want a single part or a bunch of containers filled with import motorcycles, we will deliver it to you.

Get in touch

The information given above and additional information can be found on our website. However, if you have any questions after reading the information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, if you want to place an order and if you have any questions about the way this works, please let us know. Our customer service department consists of three sub-departments. In this way we can ensure that you get to the right people straight away:

  • Do you have a question about motorcycle parts? Contact to sub-department that has knowledge about parts via the email address or via the telephone number ++31-183-610180.
  • Do you want additional information about for example placing an order? Contact the sales Send an email to or contact the department via telephone: ++31-183-610175.
  • Do you have a question that has to do with administrative aspects? Please contact the customer service department dealing with administration. This can be done by emailing to or calling ++31-183-610160.

Next to emailing or calling the abovementioned departments, you can send a letter to Double R Trading. The postal address is given on our website. If you contact us by sending a letter, please also state you contact details so we can reply to your question of remark. If you send us an email or a letter, we of course will do our best to send you an answer or a reply as soon as possible.