Keno is a staple game at most (online) casino’s

Play Keno Online? Let's Play Keno!

When you visit (online) casino’s quite regularly, you must have noticed that the game Keno is featured in most of them. And this comes as no surprise. While casinos’ have a lot of games to offer, sometimes you are just looking for a game that is simple and has a relative easy and high pay-out. This is where Keno comes into play. It is easy enough to understand, but it will entertain both beginners and the more advanced players that visit a casino. It comes as no surprise then why so many casino’s like to offer this fame.

  • Lottery-like
  • Defined play-structure
  • Clear prize pay-outs

One of the perks of Keno is that it is so easy to understand. As you can see it is a lottery-like based game. When you start the game it will show you a board of 80 numbers. It is up to you to make a selection of numbers to bet on. You can make this an as many or as little amount of numbers that you prefer. A random number generator will pick 20 winning numbers. Are the numbers you bet on amongst these? Than you will get the clear prize pay-outs. The more numbers you got “right” the more money you will make. Sounds easy enough, does it not?

Getting more out of your Keno game

As with many other casino games people tend to think that they have to come up with a certain strategy to win big money with this game. But this is where we will tell you this is an absolute waste of your time. Your chances of winning more money will not get any higher by cooking up a flash strategy or a certain technique. In the end it just comes down to picking numbers and hoping that they are amongst the numbers that the random number generator picks. We can guarantee you there is no way to manipulate this and bring it into your (winning) favors. We wish that was the case! That does not mean that this game cannot win you a lot of money. It is all about luck and it might just be your lucky night. If that is the case you can go home with a reasonable amount of money and that without having to put a lot of effort into it. Where with a lot of other casino games you do have to come up with strategies and techniques and you always have to be on top of your game to make sure that you are making the most of it, Keno is really there for fun. And if you are lucky, it can earn you a reasonable buck.

Making your time at the casino more fun

Why do you go to the casino? We assume most people go to have a good time and if they win some money that is the best possible outcome! You can of course dream of hitting the jackpot, but the chances of actually doing this are very slim and you will have a much better time when you are not focusing on this. We think Keno is one of those games that make a nice change when you are playing casino games all night. The chances that you will be losing a lot of money are relatively slim when you keep your head in the game. Do you keep on losing? Then it might be better to move on. But the chances are that the longer you play and the more you bet higher amounts of money, the more you will win. Read more…