Open a Dutch company: where to start?

Hi there! Are you also thinking about whether you should open a Dutch company? It can be hard to start. But good to know: there are options to open the Dutch company with as many help as possible, because Intercompany Solutions is an experienced company. They already helped hundreds, thousands of people to make it through the beginning, because that is the worst part. 

Information about international companies in The Netherlands 

Of course we will give you information about international companies in The Netherlands. Why do internationals companies choose for The Netherlands if they want to open a Dutch company? International companies such as:
  • Shell
  • Heineken
  • Unilever
  • KLM
  • ING
  • Tom Tom
  • BAAN
Were founded by Dutch people. They are also headquartered in The Netherlands, they chooses for this country to set up their companies or headquarters because the working environment is open, multicultural and business-oriented. The Netherlands can proudly boast one of the most stable economies in Europe. One might think that most firms are concentrated in the main Dutch cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, but that is not always the case, because many international companies do have their headquarter in specific city suburbs or in other regions. It means that working in this country entails commuting to and from work, and do that every day. But luckily, travel disstances are not that long and transportation is reliable, it is also accessible and is easy to use. It is not weird that many international companies choose for The Netherlands 

Reasons to open your own Dutch company 

There are many reasons to open your own Dutch company. One of the reasons can be that you want to become successful or that you simple want to make more money, or both reasons. Most of all, it is very important to like your job, because if you like your job, you will become the best. It will take time, a lot of time but practice leads to the best results, especially when you like your job! That is very important to remember if you want to open your Dutch company. There are more reasons of course, maybe you want to work together with one or more people instead of working for a boss. That can be a really good reason to choose for The Netherlands and open the Dutch company. And what is the role of Open your Dutch company in The Netherlands means contacting Intercompany Solutions. They can help you, they dedicate themselves to support entrepreneurs with everything that they need. They want to help you create your own opportunities and to follow them all around the world. More about Intercompany Solutions. They operate since 2013 and their company has helped hundreds of clients, from 50% countries to open their Dutch company or to set up their businesses in The Netherlands. They are constantly improving their standards of quality in order to deliver impeccable services, that is what they strive for. So if you are looking for help and if you want to open your own Dutch company, do not hesitate and contact them!