The environment friendly Baling Press

Sometimes you might want to make a bale out of a certain product, like hay or cotton. Bales are then a lot easier to transport. Making these bales, a process called baling, is then done by certain machines. You may already know this information. Nevertheless, you want to have a good, efficient Baling Press that saves you from unnecessary problems and extra work. Apollo could offer you this. Apollo is a family business that has been active ever since 1847. Over a hundred years they have made conveyors, logistic systems and baling presses their specialization. They provide the most efficient and flexible compressing and packing system that is currently available on the market. 

Apollo’s Baling Press

Apollo has one main kind of Baling Press, which is called the Big Bale Press. The machine is part of a package called “Big Bale Packaging Concept”. It is a compact machine that also has a fully automatic system for compressing, packaging and palletizing different bulk products. It can also be used for numerous compressible and cohesive products. The Press has three main components. It has the press, the roller conveyor and it has the pallet destacker. The material is put in the machine from above, after which it is compressed into a bale. Then the bale is placed onto a pallet, where it will be wrapped in foil. The foil will be sealed at the bottom of the bale as well as on the top. This limits overheating and prevents the contamination of the product. Because the wrapping foil is actually being stretched, the foil consumption is minimized. This will reduce the foil needed, making the Baling Press more environment friendly. The reduction of the use of the foil is about 60%, compared to the traditional packaging methods. The Big Bale Press is able to handle different sized of pallets, depending on the product. The Big Bale Press then reduces the capital outlays and minimizes expenses in transport, packaging materials and storage. 

Different types of the Baling Press

There are different types of the Big Bale Press being offered. 

  • The Big Bale Press 65 is able to handle bales with a volume up to 7 cube meters. The maximum height is 1 meter to 2.5 meters. The maximum capacity of this Baling Press is up to 30 big bales an hour. 
  • The light version of the Big Pale Press 65 has a lower production capacity than the heavier version. This Press is able to produce about 17 bales an hour in one compression cycle and about 11 bales an hour in two compression cycles. This may also vary between different products however. An advantage of the lighter version is that this press has lower investment costs and it is also easy to upgrade to its heavier version. 
  • The Mobile Big Bale Press is ideal if a Baling Press is needed at several locations. This press is specifically made for outside use. This could minimize shipping costs. 

The Baling Press of Apollo is thus more environment friendly while still offering quality. With the Big Bale Press you could also save costs and different types are available so you can have the most practical one for your company. Therefore, it is worth it to take this Baling Press into consideration!